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My First Stamp...

I've just created my first stamp, and I'm really excited about getting out there. I wasn't sure what size I wanted for my stamp, but I did have an image in mind. It ended up being roughly 3"x3". I have yet to hunt for a box and I'm concerned that I may have created a stamp too large for the average journal. I'm thinking it might be advisable to create a smaller stamp as well just in case. I'd appreciate your opinions. :) Thanks!

Stamp in progress... Stamp in progress...
A third of the way through carving the stamp. Prototype on paper. 05/26/08
Finished Stamp Finished Stamp
Finished stamp before ink was applied. 05/26/08
My First Stamp 2008 My First Stamp 2008
My first stamp for letterboxing. A phoenix design colored purple, yellow, orange, and red. Colors were bleached out in the scanning process. 05/26/08

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