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Good Times

So last weekend was the very first (Large) event I've ever been too. I also sorta helped plan it. I was very apprehensive about it to begin with, but after I got there and everything was rolling, I found myself having a good time. Nearly every person there was part of a family, myself and two other people were the only "singles" there. I've always known this was a large family populated hobby, but I guess I'd never fully realized it until then. The guy who had been giving us so many problems was there, and low and behold, he knew me outside of letterboxing!

Back in the day (three years ago) I worked for a horrid photography studio, and I use to take his family's pictures. I played it off that I sorta remembered him, but in all actuality, I remembered him very well. I didn't like him much then. LOL

We had people from 4 different states attend, and nearly 50 people. It was great meeting them all, they were such lovely people. I think the social aspect part of this hobby isn't so bad for me anymore. Heck, I'm thinking about attending an event being held in May.

Just thought you'd all like to know!
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