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wet log books [12 Jun 2009|10:58am]

Is there a way to help dry out damp-wet log books that you find in a letterbox.
I have left extra paper with writing that said "this is to help dry log book".
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[25 May 2009|09:26pm]

My husband and I discovered letterboxing last last summer (well, to be honest, I heard about letterboxing and got excited about the idea, and dragged him along kicking and screaming the first time...after that he was hooked!) My sister and her husband enjoy hiking, and recently she started asking me more questions about letterboxing. She'd heard me talk about it, read some of my blog posts, and was intregued. I sent her links to Letterboxing.org and AtlasQuest, and offered to take her letterboxing with me some time so she could see first hand what it's all about. So this past Friday I met my sister and her daughter at Winnekenni Park in Haverhill. After a quick search online, we turned up at least three that were hidden within the park. The first box was probably my favorite -- it had the most incredibly creative clues I've encountered to date. The second box was the first time I had to use a compass to decipher the clues, which wsn't as intimidating as I had thought. The last box had been replaced only days before, and contained a brand new log book (I was the first to stamp in!) but no stamp of it's own. The planter is recarving the stamp and will add it to the box at a later date, so we'll have to go back sometime this summer. We all had a blast -- found three boxes, got in about two hours of hiking and fresh air, and my sister's now a convert -- we went back to her house and I walked her through registering on both Letterboxing.org and AtlasQuest.

My sister and niece, and my son & I, standing in front of the
elk statue on the north lawn of Winnekenni Castle.

My sister logs into our third and final box of the day...
...while my niece found letterboxing to be rather exhausting!

Now, I have a few questions...

* My husband and I use one stamp & trail name for the two of us...should I carve a stamp and come up with a trail name for myself when I'm boxing without him? What's the consensus on that?

* While boxing today, we found our first hitchhiker...but there was no log book (we checked and rechecked the box several times to see if we had missed it, but there was nothing there). I contacted the placer, and am waiting to hear back from them on how to proceed, but if they do not respond to my e-mail, what should I do? Should I make a small logbook and release it with the hitchhiker, or just pass on the stamp on it's own? I don't want to hold onto this for too long, and we're planning on going out again next weekend, weather permiting, so I'd love to release it then.

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My first plant! [17 Feb 2009|06:07pm]

[ mood | excited ]

I just planted my very first letterbox. I'm very excited! It was a lot of fun, I've been letterboxing for over a year and a half now, and just got to planting my first one. How long did you all wait for your first plant? If anyone's in the Philadelphia area be sure to check out the Black Horse letterbox and tell me if it's findable. As it's my first I'm a tad nervous about it!

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Our first find!! [18 Aug 2008|06:35am]

[ mood | content ]

I'm glad I found this community!  I stumbled onto the concept of letterboxing a few months ago, while I was home on my maternity leave, and immediately knew that I wanted to do this with my family, once my son got a bit older.  He's 6 months now, and my husband & I brought him on his first quest this past weekend.  We went to the Appleton Farms Grass Rides in Hamilton, and followed the clues for the Green Dogs letterbox. The weather was absolutely perfect -- warm & sunny, but not too hot. Nice breeze to chase the bugs away. The trails were wide and easy to follow. We settled the little guy into a back carrier, applied a baby-safe insect repellent & plopped his sunhat on his head, and started out.

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Hitch Hikers [13 Aug 2008|02:38pm]

Have you ever sent a hitch hiker out and gotten it back when it was full?

Or have you ever returned a hitch hiker to the person that started it??

I have a friend that carves wonderful little stamps, but who doesn't have much time to go out and actually letterbox.

I offered to place a hitch hiker for her (one of her stamps), but...it seems kind of pointless if she can't eventually get the little book back. Ya know?

How often do you think they get returned?
Is there another way she could participate without having to go out searching??
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First Timer! [10 Aug 2008|04:30pm]

Last week I took my cousin out and we found our first Letterbox!!
I wrote a quick thing about it Here.

I was a bit disappointed in how easy it was to find. I was hoping for something more challenging. Have you found that most fall on the easy side or harder side??

Also, there was a hitch hiker in the box. I wasn't really sure how they worked - I read up about them too and still don't totally understand. If I find a hitch hiker do I take it and place it in another box? I just stamped in it and left it because I wasn't sure, and I wasn't sure when my next outing would be.

Anyway, despite the box being so easy to find, I thought it was pretty fun. My cousin liked it a lot, which is good because now we have something to do together. We did this in the spur of the moment so we didn't have our own personal stamps or anything, so we're going to carve our own. I have speedball lino block cutting kit - is that what I use to carve the stamps??

Any tips on what kind images work best or what size to stick to? Do you have a separate stamp for hitch hikers vs. regular boxes?

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[06 Jun 2008|02:36am]
Does anyone ever do letterboxing meet ups?
I'm trying to find ways to meet new people. :/ And I love letter boxing..
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Family Stamps [03 Jun 2008|08:27pm]

I'm just curious... if you go letterboxing with your family, do you have a family stamp or individual ones for each member? I usually go with my husband, so we created one together, but now I'm starting to go out more on my own. If you do that, do you have a separate stamp for when you are alone and a separate trail name/ Atlas Quest account?
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Stamp Q. [27 May 2008|01:44pm]

I'm new to Letterboxing (actually haven't started yet!). I'm wondering though - do you use one image for all of your Letterboxing?

What if you place a box? Do you put your "signature" stamp in there or do you usually have a different image stamp for in the box?

I prefer simple images - will people be bummed if I don't have an awesome image to stamp?
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[27 May 2008|09:52am]

I forget this community exists since it doesn't get posted in very often. I'm guilty of it,too since I'm such an atlasquest addict. Anyway, just wondering if anyone else here is as addicted to making LTC's as I am? I started a couple of months ago and can't seem to stop making them. I love carving stamps but hate planting boxes because where I live there really aren't a ton of places that don't already have one there. LTC's make it so I can carve lots of stamps but not worry about where to put the box and then I get to trade them and see stamps from people all over the country that I would never get to see. So, anyone else into making them? (and want to trade...hint hint ;)
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My First Stamp... [27 May 2008|05:42am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I've just created my first stamp, and I'm really excited about getting out there. I wasn't sure what size I wanted for my stamp, but I did have an image in mind. It ended up being roughly 3"x3". I have yet to hunt for a box and I'm concerned that I may have created a stamp too large for the average journal. I'm thinking it might be advisable to create a smaller stamp as well just in case. I'd appreciate your opinions. :) Thanks!

...Stamp pictures under cut...Collapse )

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kind of a funny story... [05 Feb 2008|12:38am]

My mom and I have "recently" started this hobby. We started in 06 but haven't done much. She made a few stamps.. I went to TX and found a few boxes. I've also found a few in FL. Where we live. So my cousin's 18th birthday party was in November and I had found an HH the week before and needed to put it back out there. I had found it on one beach on the west coast of FL and now at my cousin's party I was going to place it at another beach but on the east coast of FL... so I brought stuff with me to do this. And somehow we get the idea to carve my cousin's name into the stamp so that it ties in with his birthday and why we were at this park. So I grab my eyeglass screwdriver I keep in my purse and start carving his name into the stamp my mom made in 06... His name is Keri and I finish the r and realize........... "OMG I'm carving his name the wrong way!!!"... That's right in all the commtion of finding something to carve with and everyone talking around me at once, I did his name the wrong way.. (alcohol may or may not have been a little involved too...)so that when you stamp it, it's backwards. We didn't know what to do. So. We put the box together and the books together and put the messed up stamp in there anyways. lol. =) If it weren't for needing to put the HH back out there in the world, we probably (probably but who knows) wouldn't have put it out there. But hey... it's an interesting story. =)
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missing [23 Jan 2008|08:00am]

It's a bit frustrating ... I have several boxes planted that are confirmed missing, and yet I get messages weekly from people who have attempted the box and are upset and dismayed to not find it. Of course, AQ's site has a place where you can change the status of a box, and I've been sure to update it so it's obviously marked missing. LBNA doesn't have such a thing, but I did change the clue to say ** Box Confirmed Missing ** at the beginning of the clue. So, it's not my fault that a person didn't notice that, or chose to go anyway ... or whatever. But still, I feel guilty. I feel bad that they went to all that trouble for nothing. Especially the box you have to kayak across the bay to get to. That's a big PITA, to not find a box even more so.

Okay, I just needed to vent. I just am tired of getting messages from people saying "Maybe I looked in the wrong place?" when it's very clear that the box is gone.
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[23 Oct 2007|10:08pm]

 Who is your letterboxing hero and/or nemesis? What I mean is, the person/s whose stamps you ALWAYS see wherever you stamp in, or maybe who you try to beat to a new box?

For us, our heroes are Wanda and Pete, with a PFX count something like P202 F 13,000 X 1500. Yeah, that's right. They're all over New England.

Our friendly nemesis is DMC and Team, of NY. We finally beat them to a box and left them a little triumphant note in the logbook, since they were sure to be next finders. :)

Today we found two boxes in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY. And saw what may have been a great blue heron. Pretty good for one hour's walk. 

Happy letterboxing!

-Leah of "The Kite"
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[23 Oct 2007|08:48am]

yo! who keeps up this lj? the colors need a major change b/c it is difficult for me to read the red on green. what is up w/ that?

anyhow, does anyone know if on atlas quest i can go in and boxes to another box already listed. aka...like make it series after i only planted one?
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Good Times [12 Oct 2007|10:07pm]

[ mood | amused ]

So last weekend was the very first (Large) event I've ever been too. I also sorta helped plan it. I was very apprehensive about it to begin with, but after I got there and everything was rolling, I found myself having a good time. Nearly every person there was part of a family, myself and two other people were the only "singles" there. I've always known this was a large family populated hobby, but I guess I'd never fully realized it until then. The guy who had been giving us so many problems was there, and low and behold, he knew me outside of letterboxing!

Back in the day (three years ago) I worked for a horrid photography studio, and I use to take his family's pictures. I played it off that I sorta remembered him, but in all actuality, I remembered him very well. I didn't like him much then. LOL

We had people from 4 different states attend, and nearly 50 people. It was great meeting them all, they were such lovely people. I think the social aspect part of this hobby isn't so bad for me anymore. Heck, I'm thinking about attending an event being held in May.

Just thought you'd all like to know!

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[05 Oct 2007|08:22pm]

So I feel like a dork right now. I'm like jumping up and down with joy.
I hid my first box ever. And Im glad its my first because it has alot of meaning to me.
It won't be my last either. I just hope people won't be disappointed as it ccould be to easy to them. But like I said I had to hide it there because so much meaning. <3

well if your in berk/lehigh Pa you should def check it out. ;]

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[30 Sep 2007|10:58pm]

I just planted my first 3 boxes ever. It feels so awesome to have a part of me out there for the LBing world, I can't even describe it. Did anyone else feel this way after their first plant? I swear the wait for the first finder is going to kill me!

PS, if you don't live in the Central NY area and aren't concerned about spoiler images of one my stamps that I carved, you can go check out my LBing blog at http://missmarabelle.blogspot.com/
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[23 Sep 2007|07:11pm]

Question how many times do you go to a place with no finding?

I did my first one today. We think we know where it would have been put but nothing was there. I was sad. I felt like I failed. >.
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Debauchery on the trail?! [30 Aug 2007|07:43pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

So I'm sure a lot of you on here have noticed, both myself, and another person complaining about a fellow letterboxer. Well to key you all in, we're talking about the same person. We think he may have struck again. This past monday my friend and I had made plans to meet up with a fellow letterboxer in our area to go and hunt for a few boxes. I thought it would be a great time, as the only people I've ever letterboxed with are family or close friends. Well, we met up with her and embarked on our little journey to get the boxes. (The boxes we were looking for are the guy who both my friend and i have complained about) Well, not more than a few minuets into our journey the lb'er we met up with started talking about the guy who's boxes we were going after. In the past she had made some inclination towards both of us that she doesn't really care for this guy either, I guess feelings change. She started praising this guy up and down. "He's a real Artist," "He's got about 50 different ideas going around in his head," "He really has passion for this hobby." It felt like she was trying to interrogate us and trying to persuade us to "hop on the band wagon," as some folks would say. I felt like I was being attacked, almost a "Here's why you should like him and why don't you like him," talk. I was irritated by being told this guy is a "Real artist" because I've found most of his stamps to be crap. Only doing images that are big enough to fit on erasers. But maybe I'm just being a snob about stamping material, as I've never used an eraser to carve a stamp. I was also ticked off by "He's got about 50 different Ideas," because I've always believed it's about quality of letterboxes you put out, not quantity. Since when did letterboxing become all about how high you can get your PFX count? I wouldn't be so upset about the ideas thing, if he were putting his boxes in interesting places with interesting stamps, but I'm sorry anyone who makes a stamp of a vaccum cleaner and hides it in a STORAGE FACILITY is not creative. This gal just kept going on and on about him. After we parted ways, my friend and I got back to the car and as we were driving away she mentioned how much this other LBer was talking about the guy we don't care for. And it really sounded like she was trying to get us to jump on board. I don't even know how to take this. To me it feels like she's acting as lap dog to him. And I never considered this hobby to turn into a weird political like thing.

Well, my friend and I are now starting to plan an event for October. Come to find out, he's starting to tell other people that he'll be getting them the information. Previously I had contact with another letterboxer who asked me if I was going to be going to this guy's event. Like he'd already started taking credit for putting the event together. This absolutly has me miffed. My friend has posted the event on Atlas Quest and also posted a message in our Yahoo Group about it, specifically saying she'd like help planing the event. We've heard nothing from him. Not a thing

A part of me is very upset by this whole situation, and I just need some other opinions on it. I realize that I just gave a lot of information that could really tell you all where we are, and whom I am talking about. But a part of me really doesn't care. I'm just so irritated.

On a whole my letterboxing expierence this past week hasn't been a good one. Not only have I been interrogated but I've also discovered two of my boxes are missing. Sad but oh well, what can you do? They were both in high traffic areas, even though I hadn't realized one of them was all that high traffic. So I guess I kinda had it coming.

Sorry for the long post and sorry for complaining so much. But sometimes you need to vent, and I figure you guys are the best people to vent to because you know the hobby and you can offer some insight.

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