demiraks_world (demiraks_world) wrote in letterboxing,

First Timer!

Last week I took my cousin out and we found our first Letterbox!!
I wrote a quick thing about it Here.

I was a bit disappointed in how easy it was to find. I was hoping for something more challenging. Have you found that most fall on the easy side or harder side??

Also, there was a hitch hiker in the box. I wasn't really sure how they worked - I read up about them too and still don't totally understand. If I find a hitch hiker do I take it and place it in another box? I just stamped in it and left it because I wasn't sure, and I wasn't sure when my next outing would be.

Anyway, despite the box being so easy to find, I thought it was pretty fun. My cousin liked it a lot, which is good because now we have something to do together. We did this in the spur of the moment so we didn't have our own personal stamps or anything, so we're going to carve our own. I have speedball lino block cutting kit - is that what I use to carve the stamps??

Any tips on what kind images work best or what size to stick to? Do you have a separate stamp for hitch hikers vs. regular boxes?

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