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My First Stamp...

I've just created my first stamp, and I'm really excited about getting out there. I wasn't sure what size I wanted for my stamp, but I did have an image in mind. It ended up being roughly 3"x3". I have yet to hunt for a box and I'm concerned that I may have created a stamp too large for the average journal. I'm thinking it might be advisable to create a smaller stamp as well just in case. I'd appreciate your opinions. :) Thanks!

Stamp in progress... Stamp in progress...
A third of the way through carving the stamp. Prototype on paper. 05/26/08
Finished Stamp Finished Stamp
Finished stamp before ink was applied. 05/26/08
My First Stamp 2008 My First Stamp 2008
My first stamp for letterboxing. A phoenix design colored purple, yellow, orange, and red. Colors were bleached out in the scanning process. 05/26/08

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Awesome work! That size stamp will work on most of the boxes I've seen in PA, but I'm sure that varies by region and planter. Our family stamp is about the same size as yours. When the book is too small, I just fit what I can of the stamp into the book.
Thank you, and thanks for the idea on stamping a partial image.
that is gorgeous! :) i have been working on one and you have inspired me to get it finished!

thanks. Good luck with your searches!
Thank you, I'm glad you're inspired. I'd like to see what you come up with. :) I've already found three boxes today. They weren't ranked very difficult, but the trails were fun. :D

I have an idea for my first stamp, but haven't started it yet.
Seriously?! What a stalker you are! I didn't know you were into Letterboxing!
Haha! Dude! Why don't we live near each other???

I'm not - yet. The other day the word popped into my head so I looked into it and I think I'm going to give it a shot. I thought it'd be something my Little Sister might like.

Teach me!
I bet she would! My friend Sarah and I have done all the local ones. The last one being seriusly scary in the woods where we found lots and lots of bones scattered about. We now have to drive a hour away for anything to do.

We honestly didn't make our own stamp. We bought it. When we first started neither of us knew how to make a stamp, but wanted to get out there and start finding boxes. It really fits us now so we don't plan on making one. We have a couple of thoughts in our heads for stamps for boxes we want to put out. Between her work and school schedule though we haven't had time to do it.

I know you like biking and all that so I think you will have fun with it. You live in a MUCH more populated area than we do. Even we have some that are bike friendly, but most are more hiking which I prefer. Most of the ones around here take less than 10 minutes to complete. But there are a few that take over an hour. Those are the REALLY fun ones! I hope you two enjoy Letterboxing. It really is a fun exercize/activity!
I haven't looked through all the boxes, but there are a couple close to me that I think sound pretty easy that me and her could go look for.

And I was thinking it'd be fun for us to hide our own box that we could go check on periodically.

Thanks. :D I'd like to see what you come up with. :)
Nice carve! It might be big for some logbooks, but plenty of people have those. They just stamp part of it, like the name and the head of the animal, or some other notable portion of it. People who've seen all of it in log books will likely still recognize it.

Some people around here have several signature stamps, usually starting with a very miniature one for micro boxes, cooties, etc. If you like your stamp as it is, and it is your first carve and you spent plenty of time on it, I'd say stick with it for at least a while, and maybe make a simple mini.

Happy 'boxing!
Thanks! I will stick with the phoenix for a while, at least 'til the end of the year. I've already addicted my boyfriend, by taking him on my first searches, he's making stamp designs of his own. :D

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Can you tell me how you got that nifty little AQ banner on your profile? *covets*

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Thanks. :) Two out of the three boxes I found today could fit my stamp easily, the other I stamped what I could. :)
Nice job for your first carve! I love to look at my first carve (which was a year ago exactly) and compare it to what I can do now and it's amazing how much I've grown. It's fun to see the progression and I think yours will be great :)
Thank you for the encouragement. :)
Beautiful job, your first stamp, really? Wow!

My sig stamp is about 3x3 too. What I did is make a second stamp, about an inch square, with much less detail but the same general image, for those times when the book is just plain tiny. (Like a lot of cooties/HHers books are.)

lol, I just read cliomouse's reply. I second everything she said lol.
*grin* Thank you. :) I think a teeny phoenix would be perfect.
Totally flipping cool! This would fit in about half the journals I have found. But, you could easily ink just the name and the phoenix head for smaller journals.
Thank you. :D The few boxes I found could mostly accommodate my stamp. Thanks for the suggestion.
That is impressive, my first stamp was uber-simple. as for the "won't fit in logbooks" issue that people have stated. What I would probably do, is make a small stamp that is a variation of that stamp and use that for small log books.