Velvet Frogg (velvetfrogg) wrote in letterboxing,
Velvet Frogg

kind of a funny story...

My mom and I have "recently" started this hobby. We started in 06 but haven't done much. She made a few stamps.. I went to TX and found a few boxes. I've also found a few in FL. Where we live. So my cousin's 18th birthday party was in November and I had found an HH the week before and needed to put it back out there. I had found it on one beach on the west coast of FL and now at my cousin's party I was going to place it at another beach but on the east coast of FL... so I brought stuff with me to do this. And somehow we get the idea to carve my cousin's name into the stamp so that it ties in with his birthday and why we were at this park. So I grab my eyeglass screwdriver I keep in my purse and start carving his name into the stamp my mom made in 06... His name is Keri and I finish the r and realize........... "OMG I'm carving his name the wrong way!!!"... That's right in all the commtion of finding something to carve with and everyone talking around me at once, I did his name the wrong way.. (alcohol may or may not have been a little involved too...)so that when you stamp it, it's backwards. We didn't know what to do. So. We put the box together and the books together and put the messed up stamp in there anyways. lol. =) If it weren't for needing to put the HH back out there in the world, we probably (probably but who knows) wouldn't have put it out there. But hey... it's an interesting story. =)
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