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It's a bit frustrating ... I have several boxes planted that are confirmed missing, and yet I get messages weekly from people who have attempted the box and are upset and dismayed to not find it. Of course, AQ's site has a place where you can change the status of a box, and I've been sure to update it so it's obviously marked missing. LBNA doesn't have such a thing, but I did change the clue to say ** Box Confirmed Missing ** at the beginning of the clue. So, it's not my fault that a person didn't notice that, or chose to go anyway ... or whatever. But still, I feel guilty. I feel bad that they went to all that trouble for nothing. Especially the box you have to kayak across the bay to get to. That's a big PITA, to not find a box even more so.

Okay, I just needed to vent. I just am tired of getting messages from people saying "Maybe I looked in the wrong place?" when it's very clear that the box is gone.
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