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Debauchery on the trail?!

So I'm sure a lot of you on here have noticed, both myself, and another person complaining about a fellow letterboxer. Well to key you all in, we're talking about the same person. We think he may have struck again. This past monday my friend and I had made plans to meet up with a fellow letterboxer in our area to go and hunt for a few boxes. I thought it would be a great time, as the only people I've ever letterboxed with are family or close friends. Well, we met up with her and embarked on our little journey to get the boxes. (The boxes we were looking for are the guy who both my friend and i have complained about) Well, not more than a few minuets into our journey the lb'er we met up with started talking about the guy who's boxes we were going after. In the past she had made some inclination towards both of us that she doesn't really care for this guy either, I guess feelings change. She started praising this guy up and down. "He's a real Artist," "He's got about 50 different ideas going around in his head," "He really has passion for this hobby." It felt like she was trying to interrogate us and trying to persuade us to "hop on the band wagon," as some folks would say. I felt like I was being attacked, almost a "Here's why you should like him and why don't you like him," talk. I was irritated by being told this guy is a "Real artist" because I've found most of his stamps to be crap. Only doing images that are big enough to fit on erasers. But maybe I'm just being a snob about stamping material, as I've never used an eraser to carve a stamp. I was also ticked off by "He's got about 50 different Ideas," because I've always believed it's about quality of letterboxes you put out, not quantity. Since when did letterboxing become all about how high you can get your PFX count? I wouldn't be so upset about the ideas thing, if he were putting his boxes in interesting places with interesting stamps, but I'm sorry anyone who makes a stamp of a vaccum cleaner and hides it in a STORAGE FACILITY is not creative. This gal just kept going on and on about him. After we parted ways, my friend and I got back to the car and as we were driving away she mentioned how much this other LBer was talking about the guy we don't care for. And it really sounded like she was trying to get us to jump on board. I don't even know how to take this. To me it feels like she's acting as lap dog to him. And I never considered this hobby to turn into a weird political like thing.

Well, my friend and I are now starting to plan an event for October. Come to find out, he's starting to tell other people that he'll be getting them the information. Previously I had contact with another letterboxer who asked me if I was going to be going to this guy's event. Like he'd already started taking credit for putting the event together. This absolutly has me miffed. My friend has posted the event on Atlas Quest and also posted a message in our Yahoo Group about it, specifically saying she'd like help planing the event. We've heard nothing from him. Not a thing

A part of me is very upset by this whole situation, and I just need some other opinions on it. I realize that I just gave a lot of information that could really tell you all where we are, and whom I am talking about. But a part of me really doesn't care. I'm just so irritated.

On a whole my letterboxing expierence this past week hasn't been a good one. Not only have I been interrogated but I've also discovered two of my boxes are missing. Sad but oh well, what can you do? They were both in high traffic areas, even though I hadn't realized one of them was all that high traffic. So I guess I kinda had it coming.

Sorry for the long post and sorry for complaining so much. But sometimes you need to vent, and I figure you guys are the best people to vent to because you know the hobby and you can offer some insight.
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